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Driven by: Dave Smith

Owner/driver Dave Smith from Washington grew up with a dream of driving a monster truck. He started out crewing and helping out other teams before getting the opportunity to buy the Maniac in 2015. It has been a family adventure, traveling to shows, meeting new people, and gaining valuable driving experience. We are excited to have him back at Sublimity Harvest Festival this year.



Captain USA

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Driven by: Jeff Bainter

Jeff Bainter has been racing monster trucks for over three decades professionally. Considered by many in helping pioneer the monster truck industry and having one of the longest spanning careers, Jeff was inducted into the Monster Truck Hall of Fame in 2017. Jeff started out on the monster truck circuit racing the first vehicle he built “HOTSTUFF,” the worlds largest jeep. After a very successful start, Jeff built a twin jeep “HIGH VOLTAGE” and the two gigantic jeeps toured all over the United States and Canada for years. The monster jeeps were featured in dozens of magazine feature’s and shown competing at nationally televised events during the 1980’s and 90’s. In 1997 Jeff built the original CAPTAIN USA monster truck, which he still competes with today. “I am an old driver in an old truck, but still having fun entertaining the fans and trying to keep up with today’s younger generation drivers. It is amazing how far our sport of monster truck racing has evolved thanks to the support of the awesome fans we have.”




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Driven by: Aaron Basl

Owned and operated by Aaron and Daron Basl with Double Action Motorsports. They were born and raised in Stayton, Oregon; Aaron currently lives in Grand Island, Nebraska and Daron lives in Conroe, Texas. They have been in the Monster Truck industry for 20 years working for several different racing teams. With the start of the 2021 season they are now the new owners of their own team called Double Action Motorsports and run the Devastator Monster Truck. They have no sponsors as of now. Just the support of each other, family, and their wives: Hannah Basl and Amy Wieczorek Basl. Plus Aaron and Amy’s new baby boy Axel, who will be 9 months old in September.



Airborne Ranger

Sponsored by EZ Timber

Driven by: Joe Cyper

Joe Cyper has owned/operated AIRBORNE RANGER since 1995. The truck is one of a kind because the steering and throttle/brake are used by hand controls. Joe, a former airborne ranger himself, was paralyzed from the waist down in a motorcycle accident in 1989.



Wild Card

Sponsored by Hart Strong

Driven by: Bo Swanson

The newest addition to the Obsession Racing family, WILDCARD is a teammate of OBSESSION. Bo has been crewing for the past 7-8 years but made is driving debut earlier this year at the Monster Truck Family Reunion Tour event in May in Pocatello, Idaho. Monster Trucks are a family tradition for Bo. He runs a YouTube channel titled Obsession Race Team along with his cousin, Eric Swanson, and uncle, Rick Swanson, that shows behind-the-scenes footage of all their travels to various shows, as well as footage from practice.




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Driven by: Eric Swanson

When Eric was 11 years old he got to experience what it was like to drive his dad’s monster truck. He even got to drive over cars! Everyone was impressed that someone so young could maneuver such a big machine skillfully. (Don’t worry, they made sure all safety precautions were in place.) For his 12th birthday he was given a trophy kart. They had it painted and wrapped to match dad’s OBSESSION. Eric has done numerous events in it for all different promoters. They had had him freestyle at monster truck events and he is the only trophy truck to have cleared three cars!


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