2024 Monster Truck Line-up

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When Eric was 11 years old, he got to experience what it was like to drive his dad’s monster truck, Obsession. Everyone was impressed that someone so young could maneuver such a big machine skillfully. For his 12th birthday he was given a trophy kart. They had it painted and wrapped to match dads. He is the only trophy truck to have cleared three cars!

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Pretty Obsessed

Meesha is a true Idahoan girl! She was born and raised in Pingree. She grew up raising animals and showing them through 4H. She isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty and work hard! She graduated from Snake River High School in 2021.

She caught the eye of Eric Swanson at a monster truck show she was working at selling novelties. They hit it off the moment that they met and have been dating ever since! The Swanson Family loves her and is grateful for all the help she does with the Obsession Racing Race Team Business. She handles the You Tube account and helps with printing shirts and novelties. She and Eric also starting their own business printing stickers, wraps and apparel which they named Obsessed Designs.

Rick and Eric convinced her into furthering her abilities and trained her to drive Ricks monster truck. They set up a course on Big Block Ranch and taught her how to maneuver the big monster truck with all the safety precautions!! She did great!! Now we have a girl who is Pretty Obsessed on being the best girlfriend and team member that Obsession Racing and its family could ask for!

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Skull Krusher

Skull Krusher, is based on a mini truck of the same name and currently tours with Straight Up Racing alongside its teammate, Scattered. Skull Krusher was originally created in 2019, when the Plato family purchased the previous Prowler chassis from Predator Racing. The truck would make its official debut two years later on July 11, at Santa Maria Raceway in Santa Maria, California with Shane behind the wheel.

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Velociraptor is a monster truck built and created by Team Throttle Monster, out of Utah, debuting at the Monster Jam World Finals XXI pit party, on May 21, 2022. The truck made its competition debut at Foxborough on June 4, 2022.

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