Driven by: Kayln Migues

After her first show, Kaylyn began to drive more frequently and began to fall in love with the idea of driving. Kaylyn not only enjoyed driving the trucks, and meeting all of the fans, but being able to spend more time with her father. In 2016, Kaylyn became the full time driver for Jailbird, that is when she is not on the stage dancing. For the rest of her senior year Kaylyn alternated weekends between dancing and driving, living the perfect double life; but now that high school is now over, Kaylyn has decided to continue her education online while traveling full time with her father. 

Nitro Menace

Driven by: Darren Migues

 In 2014 Darren along side his wife and two children decided to make a wise, but wonderful decision to purchase their own monster truck team from former driver Mitch Tulachka. Migues decided to change the two trucks names from Get-Er-Done and Robo Machine to Nitro Menace and Freedom Keeper. 
When January of 2016 came around Darren decided to change Freedom Keeper’s name to Jailbird. Darren drives Nitro Menace full time while having his two children and other fill in drivers drive Jailbird. 


Driven by: Eric Swanson

When Eric was 11 years old he got to experience what it was like to drive his Dad’s Monster truck. He even got to drive over cars! Everyone was impressed that an 11 year old could maneuver such a big machine skillfully. We made sure all safety precautions were in place. For his twelfth Birthday we gave him a trophy kart. We had it painted and wrapped to match Obsession. He has done numerous events in it for all different promoters. They have had him freestyle at monster truck events and he is the only trophy truck to have cleared three cars!

20th Anniversary Obsession

Driven by: Rick Swanson

Rick’s first race was at the LA Coliseum. Since then Rick has been blessed with many accomplishments. He won the 2006 MOD Outdoor Channel Series. He dedicated the championship to his Father who passed away that same year. He has also had the opportunity to drive for Feld Entertainment. He has driven for Monster Mutt, Bulldozer and King Krunch. He likes to experience driving in different trucks because it gives him a different perspective on the way different truck are set up and how they handle.


Driven by: Kreg Christensen

Kreg Christensen the owner and founder of Team KCM. It all started for Kreg Christensen in 1993 at Logan Utah with his very first 1993 full size Chevrolet Dragon Slayer. Since then Kreg and his team have been through eight classis designs and several body styles. Coming out in his 1995, he supported the full size S-10 Chevrolet pick-up. Running with the white paint scheme throughout the year, he decided he needed to change it up a little. Kreg Christensen wanted his competitors to always remember whom they lost to and to always be concerned when he pulls up to the line.


Driven by: To Be Announced

This is a brand new monster truck and information will be updated when available.

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